World Microbiome Day 2021

25 June  2021 – 1 min read

Next Sunday 27th of June is World Microbiome Day. This event was founded in 2019 as an initiative to increase awareness of the microbiota, and unite all researchers and companies interested on the subject. The project was launched by the APC Microbiome Ireland SFI Research Centre, a national institute and resource where clinicians and scientists from diverse backgrounds investigate together the gastrointestinal bacterial community (the microbiota).

During World Microbiome Day, all things microbial are celebrated, as a vibrant and complex area of study that deserves recognition and attention. This year, the theme of the event is Sustainability, focusing debate on how microbes can contribute to a sustainable future. As stated on World Microbiome Day website:

“Despite their ubiquity and diversity, the importance of microbes for maintaining healthy global ecosystems is often overlooked. Microbes already have a tremendous effect on the health and balance of the environments we live in.

Together microbiomes are actively contributing to clean environments, sustaining food systems, mitigating climate change and keeping people healthy.”

From AB-BIOTICS, we encourage everyone to participate on World Microbiome Day by sharing thoughts and ideas and participating on next Sunday’s activities and events. Together we can learn more about the microbiota, and maybe contribute to a brighter, healthier future.

Use the hashtag #WorldMicrobiomeDay on social media and celebrate with us this day!  

Authors: Claudia Prat (Human Biologist)