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A 27-page long illustrated document that explains in detail all the concepts related to the link between microbiota and probiotics

Part A

General concepts:



and microbiome


Questions such as: 

– The difference between the terms microbiota and microbiome

– The evolution and role of microbiota 

The definition and consequences of dysbiosis 

– The explanation of the “old friends” theory 

– Function, effects, safety and quality of probiotics

– Other microbiome modulators: prebiotics, postbiotics and synbiotics

– Indications and limitations of ‘fecal microbiota transplantation’, and much more


Part B



in probiotic


Including information about:

 – Guidelines for the Evaluation of Probiotics in Food

– The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics consensus statement on the scope and appropiate use of the term probiotic.

– World Gastroenterology Organization Global Guidelines on Probiotics and Prebiotics. February 2017.


Created and Edited by

Specialized Scientists

Francisco Guarner, PhD.

Jordi Espadaler, PhD.

Pol Huedo, PhD.

Marta Pérez, PhD.

María Rodriguez-Palmero Seuma, PhD.

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