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We celebrate #WorldMicrobiomeDay today, June 27th
26 June 2019

Today, June 27th, we join the entire world’s scientific community in celebrating #WorldMicrobiomeDay. The microbiome is the group of microorganism colonies that live inside humans (bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.).

Researchers are exploring how these communities of organisms co-exist with each other, with us and our environment.

The 2019 #WorldMicrobiomeDay theme is ‘Antibiotic Resistance’. Antibiotics are life-saving drugs against harmful bacterial infections that also affect the beneficial bacteria of the human, animal and plant microbiome. Overuse and misuse of antibiotics can lead to bacteria becoming resistant to the antibiotics making them ineffective. That’s why we need everybody to help raise the profile of this important issue and empower people to use antibiotics responsibly.

You can find more info in the  #WorldMicrobiomeDay website:

Through AB-Biotics’ probiotics area we strive to improve people’s health by strengthening each person’s microbiome. And we work to improve the microbiome’s health not only to prevent certain pathologies, but also to redirect in a satisfactory manner the negative effects of taking antibiotics. All our probiotics are human-origin and 100% natural.



In the gastrointestinal field we focus in digestive probiotics for the treatment of disturbed microbiota equilibrium that can lead to infections of opportunistic pathogens, causing different episodes such as diarrhea and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Research indicates that microbiota in people with IBS might differ from microbiota in healthy people. i3.1 has an innovative mechanism of action with a triple effect on the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) pathophysiology. AB-DIGEST, for the improvement of gastrointestinal health and treatment and prevenction  of diarrhea associated with the intake of antibiotics (AAD).

Regarding cardiometabolic health,  we have developed a new and natural option to reduce LDL- cholesterol and triglyceride levels reduction with probiotics, AB-LIFE.

In the pediatric field, we can provide two probiotic formulas for babies and kids based on our clinically documented and patented strains. AB-KOLICARE, with two strains, one isolated from healthy infant gut and one from breastmilk that treats and prevents functional gastrointestinal disorders like infant colic and promotes the maturation of intestinal microbiota in babies. AB-DIGEST KIDS, reduces the incidence and duration of diarrhea and it helps to promote or re-establish children healthy microbiota after dysbiosis.

Intestinal compartment is the most extensive and complex part of the immune system, and up to 80% of the immune cells of the body are located around the intestinal mucosa at any point of time. As a result, the intestinal mucosa is a key factor in the modulation of the immune system. Our probiotic strains -or immune boosters- combined with vitamins and minerals help to enhance immune defenses & supports immune system. Our probiotic strains present in AB-IMMUNO in combination with vitamins and minerals contributes to the normal function of the immune system and improves the general health status.

And regarding oral microbiome, our oral probiotic formulas help to maintain a healthy oral microbiota that protects from colonization or overgrowth of opportunistic and pathogenic bacteria. Oral microbiota is composed of hundreds of bacterial species that in normal conditions work as a natural defense system, but some factors (inadequate oral hygiene, illness, stress, poor diets…) can disrupt this protective oral balance and allow harmful bacteria such as Porphyromona gingivalis, Fusobacterium nucleatum, Prevotella denticola and Treponema denticola to damage dental and gingival tissues, contribute to plaque buildup, cause bad breath etc. Usual administration of probiotic formula like AB-DENTALAC may ensure that protective microorganisms will be the first ones to recolonize the oral cavity, aiming to keep the oral microbiota equilibrium through a biological solution. AB-DENTALAC GUM  is capable of inhibit common oral pathogens and improving the gingival status.