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Oral microbiota is diverse and unique

The oral cavity contains a diverse and unique community of microbes. Specific oral microorganisms have been associated with oral diseases, including dental caries and periodontitis1


L. plantarum KABP™ 051 (CECT 7481ۜ)
L. brevis KABP™ 052 (CECT 7480)
P. acidilactici KABP™ 053 (CECT 8633)

AB-DENTALAC® protects the oral cavity from caries, gum issues and bad breath, as the perfect complement to daily brushing and flossing. It also balances oral microbiota after oral surgery, diminishing inflammation and pain.

Additional compounds:

Vitamin D


P. acidilactici CECT 8904
P. pentosaceus CECT 8905
P. acidilactici CECT 8906

AB-IMPLALAC is being tested to prevent and improve peri-implantitis symptoms

Additional compounds:

Vitamin D

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