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UIC Barcelona and AB Biotics join forces to carry out investigations in the field of probiotics
24 September 2018

The leading biotechnology company AB Biotics and the International University of Barcelona (UIC Barcelona) have signed a collaboration agreement for the next three years with the aim of developing investigation projects that contribute to improving people’s health and wellness.

Specifically, both entities will work jointly in the development of the Polyphosphate and Probiotic mechanism of action program. Its main objective is to study the bacterial production of polyphosphate granules as a tool to alleviate the symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which has an estimated incidence of 10-15% in Europe.

The program is also focused on studying the metabolic characterization of over 500 bacterial strains, to select those that are most appropriate to battle different human illnesses that affect several areas, such as cardiovascular health, oral, vaginal, gastrointestinal, along with the development of probiotics for children’s health. In this manner, the investigation team will be able to test its effects through controlled clinical trials.

To develop this initiative, AB Biotics counts on the knowledge and experience of UIC Barcelona’s investigation team in the study of polyphosphates, “New Clinics”, headed by Dr. Josep Clotet. The collaboration will be carried out in the recently launched Laboratory of Medicine of the University, located in the Sant Cugat Campus.