Participation at III scientific-practical conference in Moscow

10 June  2021 – 1 min read

Last 8th of April, the third scientific-practical conference dedicated to the memory of V.V.Murashko took place in Moscow, Russia. The program contained extended lectures around lipidology, cardiology, gastroenterology and gerontology, focusing content on nutrition and the prevention of diseases trough the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

Targeting Russian doctors and specialists, the conference invited experts, scientists, and clinicians with broad knowledge on specific subjects. The main objective of the conference was to promote innovative clinical practice, and answer questions around healthy nutrition. Summits and key events at the conference were:

Panel Session: Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity, Health and the Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases 

LIPIDO Summit: “Controversial and Unresolved Issues of Diagnosis and Treatment of Dyslipidemia and Associated Metabolic Diseases” 

CARDIO Summit: “Comorbid patient with cardiovascular disease is attending the appointment” 

GASTRO Summit: “Innovations in Gastroenterology 2021” 

GERONTO Summit: “Diseases of Aging and Active Aging” 

Download the conference program (in Russian) following this link

The conference included a keynote lecture dedicated exclusively to gut microbiota, named “Opening the world to intestinal microbiota, to learn about human health”. This session was led by Dr. Francisco Guarner and promoted by AB-BIOTICS.

As a renowned specialist on the subject, Dr. Guarner talked about metabolic and immunological functions of gut microbiota, and its link with several diseases. He shared the latest discoveries around the microbiome and presented diet and probiotics as the natural and most efficient way to improve microbiota diversity.

Authors: Claudia Prat (Human Biologist)