Precision Medicine

Tailoring Treatments for Psychiatric Patients

Neuropharmagen® is a pharmacogenomics-based precision medicine platform especially developed for psychiatry. It helps optimize the pharmacological treatment based on the patient’s genetic profile, drug-drug interactions and lifestyle and clinico-physiological factors that influence the medication success.

Neuropharmagen® analyzes more that 60 polymorphisms in 26 genes to inform treatment decisions in psychiatry providing information for more that 60 psychoactive drugs most commonly used in disorders such as:

Moreover, Neuropharmagen® allows the physician to integrate patient non-genetic characteristics in the report to get real time drug-drug and drug-factor alerts on top of the gene-drug alerts.

How does Neuropharmagen® help?

  • Allows the physician to choose between different pharmacological alternatives for each individual patient
  • Provides patient-specific dosing recommendations according to the patient’s metabolizer profile
  • Helps anticipate information about pharmacological safety, identifying the risk of specific adverse effects

Neuropharmagen® has proven clinical utility, demonstrated by randomized clinical trials that have shown statistically significant improvements on both efficacy and tolerability when compared with treatment as usual.