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Eighty-two percent of the shareholders from AB-Biotics approve of the exclusion of the company from the Alternative Stock Market
AB-Biotics celebrates at the Stock market of Barcelona an Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting which approved the proposal to exclude from the negotiation all of the company’s shares in the Alternative Stock Market. The Board counted with an assistance of shareholders who possess 96.5% of the social capital of the company. The 82.06% voted...
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AB-Biotics presents biannual benefits for the first time
AB-Biotics has published the biannual accounts for the fiscal year 2019 where it has presented a positive result of 772,000 euros, against a loss of 377,000 from the first semester of last year, which means that this is the first semester that ever presents profits in its history. Furthermore, during the first...
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AB-Biotics visited Vitafoods Asia
AB-Biotics has visited Vitafoods Asia, an event that was hold on September 25th and 26th in Singapore.  Vitafoods Asia shapes the food industry for optimal health through science and innovation. Asia’s No.1 nutraceutical event connects over 350 international suppliers and 6,000+ business leaders who are looking to source the most innovative and...
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AB-Biotics proves the efficiency of the use of pharmacogenetics as a treatment of depression
AB-Biotics just published in the journal Pharmaceutics the results from a meta-analysis that prove the clinical utility of Neurofarmagen®, a pharmacogenetics tool, to select and guide the prescription of psychiatric drugs in adult patients with major depression, especially moderate-severe. For the development of this study, three clinical studies that were carried out...
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The Board of Directors calls for an Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting to be held on October 4th
The Board of Directors of AB-Biotics calls for an Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting to be held on October 4th at the Barcelona Stock Exchange to approve the proposal to delist all the company’s shares from the Alternative Stock Market (MAB). In the event that the proposal is approved, Kaneka will leave an opening...
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Kaneka has successfully completed its voluntary takeover bid and taken control of AB-Biotics, holding 66.33% of its capital
AB-Biotics has informed the CNMV that Kaneka Europe Holding has successfully completed the voluntary takeover bid for the 60.24% (7.583.025) of the company it did not yet possess. That bid has been accepted by shareholders representing 44.11% of that percentage. Kaneka now holds another 26.57% of the capital of the Spanish company...
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The Board of Directors request a fairness opinion about the price offered by Kaneka
At a meeting held yesterday, the Board of Directors of the Company has adopted, unanimously (the directors designated by Kaneka Europe Holding Company NV –“Kaneka” abstaining from participating), among others, the following decisions:   These directors appreciate that the offer formulated by Kaneka entails a commitment with the Company’s entrepreneurial   In...
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Kaneka launches a takeover bid for 100% of AB-Biotics
AB-Biotics announced today that Kaneka Europe Holding Company has launched a voluntary takeover bid for 100% of the share capital of the company excluding the shares it already possesses, consequently valuing the company at €63 million. The Japanese company is currently the biggest shareholder in AB-Biotics, owning 39.76% of its capital. The...
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We celebrate #WorldMicrobiomeDay today, June 27th
Today, June 27th, we join the entire world’s scientific community in celebrating #WorldMicrobiomeDay. The microbiome is the group of microorganism colonies that live inside humans (bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.). Researchers are exploring how these communities of organisms co-exist with each other, with us and our environment. The 2019 #WorldMicrobiomeDay theme is ‘Antibiotic Resistance’....
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