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Lipigo, finalist in Nutraingredients Awards Asia 2020- Weight Management.
We are happy to announce that our postbiotic LipiGo has been selected as a finalist in Nutraingredients Awards Asia 2020. LipiGo has a unique mechanism of action: selective binding to saturated fatty acids that makes possible the absorption of beneficial nutrients like liposoluble vitamins and w3/w6 acids. That leads to an increased...
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Calling of the ordinary & extraordinary shareholders meeting in July, 30th
The next Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of AB-BIOTICS, S.A. is convened on July 30th, 2020 at 10:00 am in Barcelona (in the first call), and in the second call, if necessary,  July 31st, 2020 in the same place and at the same time. The aim of the meeting is...
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Floradapt Brain finalist in NutraIngredients Awards Europe 2020- Probiotic of the Year
Our new psychobiotic Floradapt Brain has been nominated as Probiotic of the Year, alongside two other products. We want to show our gratitude to Nutraingredients for this opportunity. We hope that with this increased visibility more people will know about the gut-brain axis, and it's importance in overall health. This recognition also...
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AB-BIOTICS preventive measures for Coronavirus – Covid-19
  Since Thursday 12th of March, AB-BIOTICS team is working from home, following recommended SARS-CoV-2 containing measures. The company has implemented measures to ensure all business areas have full access to servers and information; moreover, all the facilities that AB-BIOTICS works with are reporting business as usual. Hence all schedules and operations are...
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Patients with mental health problems treated with Neurofarmagen experience a reduction in adverse effects and respond to treatment quicker and more effectively
The Christmas holidays that have just passed were a cause for celebration for many people, but for many others it could have contributed to the worsening of pathologies such as depression or anxiety. That is why it is essential not to abandon treatments and have the additional help of medical professionals who...
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AB-Biotics organizes a round table in Moscow to discuss new probiotic treatments for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
The  “V Federal Annual Forum Of Otolaryngologists With International Participation. Multidisciplinary Approach To Head And Neck Treatment” took place last 19th to 20th of September in Moscow, as an international and interdisciplinary forum where specialists discussed latest trends and research in the field of Otolaryngology. One of the round tables of the...
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The Company’s Board of Directors agreed to the delisting of all the shares from the Alternative Stock Market
On November 22nd, the Company’s Board of Directors agreed to the delisting of all the shares representing the capital stock of AB-BIOTICS, SA from the Alternative Stock Market, as well as the delegation of powers in favour of the Executive Directors to the aforementioned effects, so that they may act on behalf...
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Kaneka takes over 86.6% of AB-Biotics’ share capital
AB-Biotics has announced, as a relevant fact, that the offer to acquire shares of Kaneka, in the context of the delisting of the Spanish company, has been accepted by 2,292. 426 shares, an amount that represents 57.62% of the shares to the offerees and 18.21% of the company's share capital. In addition,...
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AB-Biotics launches a psychobiotic that reduces stress and anxiety
AB-Biotics and Kaneka Probiotics were active participants at the Probiota Asia congress held in Singapore between October 22nd and 24th, organized by NutraIngredients-Asia. This annual event focuses on the  pharmaceutical and food industry market for probiotics, prebiotics and microbiota. AB-Biotics, together with its main shareholder, Kaneka Probiotics, played a leading role, thanks...
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