Meet us at Probiota 2023!

24 January 2023 – 2 min read

We’re excited to announce our attendance at the IPA World Congress + Probiota 2023, 6-8 February in Barcelona! As one of the first companies to focus exclusively on innovative, patented probiotic formulations, we’re looking forward to presenting our latest scientific findings and meeting many existing and prospecting customers and partners.

At the congress, we’ll share the results of our most recent study conducted on our probiotic solution for cardiometabolic health, AB-LIFE®. This ground-breaking study has revealed a significant correlation between our unique probiotic combination of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum KABP™011, KABP™012 y KABP™013, and the reduction of small LDL-C particles in blood, which are damaging for heart health. Our medical director, Maria Roduriguez-Palmero Seuma, will be available to answer any specific questions and the full study will be released later on this quarter.

Miquel Bonachera, co-founder and executive director of AB-BIOTICS will take part in a panel discussion about the developments in postbiotics and fermented products. As a specialized biochemist, Miquel understands the market’s prioritization of clinical investigation and scientific innovation. He will be bringing his experience and market expertise to the discussion, applying postbiotic innovations to the exciting opportunities surrounding this.

Miquel will also be showcasing some of AB-BIOTICS’ latest innovations, including LipiGO – a product developed to bring something unique and truly reliable to the market and support safe and successful weight loss. The two polysaccharides in the product, β-glucan, and chitin-chitosan, have been studied in detail for their ability to bind to saturated fats only, without compromising nutritional intake. Dentisani’s formulation means that it naturally balances the pH of the oral environment, with clinically tested benefits for dental caries. Dentisani utilizes amino acids naturally found in saliva to grow ammonia which increases the pH. This can counteract acidification and reduce the risk of dental caries. On the panel, Miquel will also be discussing the ongoing study on inactivated bacteria’s presentation, involving finding more user-friendly formats for Dentisani, such as toothpaste or chewable tablets.

With fermented food being part of so many cultures, and becoming increasingly associated with many health benefits, it’s no surprise it has recently attracted scientific interest. At this panel discussion, AB-BIOTICS will also be highlighting Yogumel, our fresh lactic ferments used to make natural and healthy yogurts at home. The range includes 5 varieties, with Yogumel Digestion and Defenses formulated with probiotics to help balance the intestinal microbiota and maintain the normal functioning of the immune system. We’ll be handing out samples of Yogumel, so you can try the final product for yourself.

Both our medical and R&D teams will be at the congress to answer all of your questions and discuss AB-BIOTICS’ product pipeline. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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