The postbiotic for weight management

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Three-fold weight reduction in 1 year

Weight maintenance after 1 year

Weight loss in 12 weeks

As a medical device, LipiGO has several approved clinical claims:

Treatment of type I obesity and overweight
Reduction of the rebound effect after a diet
Reduction of the absorption of calories from dietary fat

Innovative postbiotic

Contains beta-glucan and chitin-chitosan (BGCC extract), a patented mix of polysaccharides found in the yeast cell wall

long-term benefits

Prevention of rebound weight gain after dieting. Maintains desired weight for over one year

Sustainable by-product

Active ingredients extracted from specific Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains previously used in the brewing process

Natural, safe and non-gmo

No adverse effects reported in the clinical trials, with a study ensuring its safety

Supplement that fits all diets: vegan certificate, plant-based origin.

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Recruited patients

Widely studied in clinical trials, and in vivo, in vitro studies

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