Our probiotic strains now available in Kemiex digital B2B trading platform

15 June  2021 – 1 min read

Kemiex is a revolutionary digital platform that allows to connect global suppliers with clients that are looking for raw materials. Main users are companies from Feed, Food, Vet and Pharma industries that are looking to sell or buy ingredients.

Founded in 2017 and with more than 6,000 products available (including additives, vitamins, minerals, excipients, APIs, etc.),  AB-BIOTICS is the first company that offers probiotic strains though the platform.

Kemiex, a marketplace to request and offer raw materials for several industries

Among others, we are offering strains from  B. coagulans, B.longum, B.bifidum, L.plantarum, L.fermentum and  S.boulardii species.

Discover more about Kemiex here.

Author: Mercè Mengual (Pharmacist)