i3.1 - Probiotic to improve IBS-related quality of life

Indicated by professional guidelines for the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

i3.1 probiotic strains P. acidilactici KABP™ 021, L. plantarum KABP™ 022 and L. plantarum KABP™ 023 attacking S. sanguinis pathogen

Better IBS-related quality of life

Improves gut hypersensitivity

Helps regulate bowel movement

Helps reduce abdonimal pain (FDA responder criteria)

i3.1 is endorsed by several top-class gastrointestinal societies: 

World Gastroenterology Organisation

Probiotics and prebiotics guideline, as a clinically-tested treatment for IBS

German Society of Gastroenterology

German S3-guideline for IBS, as a recommended microbiota-modulator treatment

i3.1 is the only probiotic that improves visceral hypersensitivity

AB-KOLICARE presents a well-described and unique mechanism of action:

High inhibitory activity against enteropathogens
Fast digestion of HMOs
Induction of anti-inflammatory molecules

Find i3.1 in pharmacies worldwide: 


Proprietary probiotic strains naturally found in the gut of healthy individuals. Only essential ingredients

tested as a co-treatment

Can be taken together with anti-spasmodics to increase therapeutic benefits, specially for abdominal pain

also for lactose intolerance

Improves general symptoms of lactose intolerance, including pain, flatulence and diarrea

clinically proven and safe

Three clinical trials with IBS and lactose intolerant patients. Safety approved by EFSA and FDA

Supplement that fits all diets: vegan certificate, plant-based origin.

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