The World Gastroenterology Organisation has just released the Gut Microbiome Handbook

3 June  2021 – 1 min read

The World Gastroenterology Organisation selected last year “Gut Microbiome” as the topic of the 2020 World Digestive Health Day (WDHD 2002).

As part of the #Wdhd2020 campaign, WGO worked with experts from around the globe to create the new released Gut Microbiome Handbook which includes 15 articles highlighting functions, techniques and impact of diet on gut microbes.

Gut Microbiome Handbook includes 15 chapters written by experts

This is a great initiative, we are sure that it will help to increase awareness and knowledge of the role of gut microbiome among health care professionals and public.

AB-BIOTICS thanks all the effort that WGO members and volunteers have done to publish this Handbook and joins WGO in its goal to spread it as a new source of information.

The topic chosen for 2021 World Digestive Health Day (celebrated on May, 29th, 2021)  was “Obesity: An ongoing pandemic”

Authors: Mercè Mengual (Pharmacist)