Because probiotics are living organisms that the body generates organically and naturally. We apply “organic” to probiotics origin.

Our goal is to help people maintain optimal health, improving their daily well-being.

Because we are experts in biotechnology and everything, we offer consumers is backed by scientific evidence.

We maintain the original DNA of the brand, AB-BIOTICS, and demonstrate our know-how

Our mission

Floradapt® was born to help today’s consumers keep their bodies healthy and balanced by pursuing the balance of the microbiome.

To treat the body as a sustainable ecosystem

Through the recovery of beneficial bacteria that the body has lost due to current living conditions: changes in diet, unhealthy lifestyle habits, excessive use of antibiotics, reduction of time spent in natural environments, pollution…

We call it the recovery of a sustainable ecosystem for the human body. We are scientific specialists from different disciplines, and we go back to our roots to recover the bacteria necessary for the natural regulation of the human microbiome, maintaining the body as a balanced ecosystem.

Through this process, we recover the natural well-being of the body to feel healthy, active and in optimum physical and mental health.

Floradapt® Digestive Wellbeing

3 patented probiotic strains with a unique triple mechanism of action to improve Irritable Bowel Syndrome patients quality of life and symptoms.

Anti-bloating effect.

Improves benefical gut bacteria and supports digestive wellbeing.

Floradapt® Mind & Calm

Probiotic formula that leads to mental wellness  by improving mood and cognitive functions.

With Magnesium, that reduces tiredness and fatigue and  contributes  to normal psychological functions

Floradapt® Immune Booster

Unique combination of probiotics + vitamins and minerals  to support immune system.

Anti-pathogen activity / Infection prevention
Improves  nutritional status

Floradapt® Super Liver Detox

Premium and innovative capsules with  3 patent-granted probiotic strains  microencapsulated  and Omega 3.

Effect on lipid reduction  by a unique mechanism of action

Floradapt® Glow Skin

Improve the skinbiome balance and helps to  reach a good locking effect with this formula with a clinically proven probiotic strain in combination with Vitamin C and Niacin.

Improve  atopic dermatitis signs like itching.

Floradapt® Women's Protect

Restore and maintain women’s urinary wellbeing & protect from recurrent infections

Good bacteria selected to achieve best activity against most common pathogens in urinary tract infections
Contains vitamin C  and cranberry extract to boost immune response against uropathogens

Our Floradapt probiotic formulas are currently sold in US and China.