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Oral health

Oral health is multifactorial:  hygiene, diet, genetic background, general health status, stress, smoking habits…

However, presence of dysbiosis (disbalanced microbiota) is a shared trait among common oral health problems like:

Our oral probiotic formulas help to maintain a healthy oral microbiota that protects from colonization or overgrowth of opportunistic and pathogenic bacteria.

Discover our gingivitis probiotics and more oral treatments.

Oral microbiota is composed of hundreds of bacterial species that in normal conditions work as a natural defense system, but some factors (inadequate oral hygiene, illness, stress, poor diets...) can disrupt this protective oral balance and allow harmful bacteria such as Porphyromona gingivalis, Fusobacterium nucleatum, Prevotella denticola and Treponema denticola to damage dental and gingival tissues, contribute to plaque buildup, cause bad breath etc. The percentage of population, that will suffer gum disease, bad breath or caries during their lifetime ranges between 30 and 50%. Some tooth
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It's a 100% natural probiotic of human-origin, capable of inhibit common oral pathogens and improving the gingival status.

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