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Pediatric Health

Baby probiotic formulas are intended to aid the bacterial colonization of baby’s gut or to restore it when it has been disrupted.

In the pediatric field, we can provide you two baby probiotic formulas for babies and kids based on our clinically documented and patented strains.


A natural probiotic for babies 0+ months old, to treat infantile colic and ensure a healthy microbiota development, thus helping prevent other pathologies in the long term.

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It's a 100% natural probiotic of human-origin for the improvement of gastrointestinal health. Reduces the incidence and duration of diarrhea by various mechanisms of action: anti-inflammatory effect, strengthen of the intestinal epithelial barrier and antimicrobial and antiviral activity offering improved protection against pathogen-induced diarrhea. Treatment and prevenction effectively of diarrhea associated with the intake of antibiotics (AAD). It helps to promote or re-establish children healthy microbiota after dysbiosis.

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