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AB-Biotics & Kaneka Probiotics visited Probiota Asia in Singapore
24 October 2019

This event took place in Singapore, on October between 22th and 24th.  This is a forum focused in prebiotic, probiotic and microbiota which scientists and delegates from food and pharma industries are the main visitors,  to uncover business opportunities, stimulate innovation and drive collaboration.

AB-Biotics & Kaneka Probiotics had a leading role as Diamond Sponsors, promoting and sponsoring differents activities.

Among the activities organized at Probiota Asia was a presentation on October 23rd  Professor Min-Tze Liong (School of Industrial Technology, Universiti Sains Malaysia entitled “A probiotic for brain, respiratory and gut health”, which was a highlight. Professor Liong explained how the probiotic strain of AB-Mind, isolated from milk extracted from Malaysian cows, has shown the benefits to immunity as described above, in terms of cognition, respiratory diseases and modulation of intestinal microbiota. In addition, Miquel Ángel Bonachera, co-founder and executive co-director of AB-Biotics participated in the roundtable held that day: “What’s next in Probiotics for mental health”. Bonachera explained how the consumption of probiotics helps to achieve balance in the gut microbiome that can subsequently reduce the symptoms of mental illness.

AB-Biotics will promote its psychobiotic Lactobacillus plantarum DR7 with the aim of leading the market for products aimed at reducing stress and anxiety based upon clinical evidence. A commercial stand was set up to promote their portfolio, a morning yoga session was also organised to endorse a healthy and stress-free lifestyle.