AB21® and LipiGO®, finalists for the 2022 NutraIngredients Awards

28 April 2022 – 2 min read

NutraIngredients.com, the leading online news source for the functional food industries, comes back this year presenting their 8th edition of the NutraIngredients Awards to reward true innovation and cutting-edge research in functional foods, dietary supplements, and nutrition.

We are excited to announce, once again, the nomination of two of our innovative nature-backed probiotics developed for specific therapeutic indications: AB21® and LipiGO®.

Nominated as Probiotic of the Year, AB21® is the first probiotic tested in a clinical trial to improve mild to moderate COVID-19 symptomatology.  It is an innovative product with unique immunomodulatory effects, of great scientific rigor, which opens the way in probiotic research for immunity.

AB21 ® has been shown to reduce symptoms of viral infection and can be used to potentiate immunity after vaccination. The formula contains a patented mix of four specifically selected probiotic strains that show a triple mechanism of action to fight against viral respiratory infections. The strains stimulate essential players in the adaptative immune response, enhance the gut barrier function and balance the inflammatory response, with clinically tested therapeutic benefits in patients.

Honored within the Weight Management category, LipiGO® is a postbiotic that ensures a successful and safe weight loss.  Postbiotics are one of the latest market trends in microbiome science, creating a new field of research with a long list of applications, functionalities and regulatory status. LipiGO® joins these latest market trends as an approved medical device postbiotic for weight management. 

This product partners with the patient in the long term, maintaining the ideal body weight without risks of rebound. This clinically proven postbiotic has been shown to increase the elimination of saturated fats with every meal by 42% without compromising nutritional intake. Moreover, LipiGO® reduces body fat without starting a strict low-fat diet. After 12 weeks, exhibits a 2 kg weight reduction without lifestyle changes and a 5 kg weight reduction while dieting. In the long term, LipiGO® maintains the desired weight for over a year.

The winners of the 2022 NutraIngredients Awards will be revealed during a live NutraIngredients.com on the 4th of May, at 4 pm CET. Best of luck to all finalists! 

Author: Bianca Bolatti, Nutritionist