AB21® spreads presence in Asia with AceBiome

3 February 2022 – 3 min read

AB21® availability  in pharmacies and digital channels is spreading worldwide, with a new launch in South Korea, lead by AceBiome.

AB21® formula contains a patented mix of four specifically selected probiotic strains that show a triple mechanism of action to fight against viral respiratory infections. The strains stimulate key players in the adaptative immune response, enhance the gut barrier function and balance the inflammatory response, with clinically tested therapeutic benefits in patients.

In a clinical trial with almost 300 COVID-19 outpatients, the product was able to reduce main symptoms and increase immune response to the virus. Full clinical paper can be read in Gut Microbes, as an innovative, outstanding publication that contributes to position microbiota modulation beyond the gut. 

AB21® leads innovation in the field of probiotics and immunity

Population worldwide is now more conscious about their immunity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting their approach to health and disease. Moreover, the still very relevant risk of COVID-19 infection, even after vaccination, demands more treatments to add to the overall prevention and care strategy of the virus. AB21® was first launched in Europe at end 2021, as a new, natural solution to add to the treatment and prevention strategy of viral infections. As of today, many European markets have the product available in pharmacies, under different brand names. The pharmaceutical company Zambon is selling AB21® as Xevebir® in pharmacies throughout Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France, focusing communication to healthcare professionals. The German company Dr. Kade is selling the probiotic as Panabiotics® Immun, directing it to both healthcare professionals and consumers. In the UK, Forever Young presents AB21® as one of their top products of their professional line, backed up by robust clinical evidence.

Several pharmaceutical companies are distributing AB21® in Europe

 In an effort to bring the product closer to Asian consumers, AB-BIOTICS has joint efforts with AceBiome, and will be launching the innovative formula in April in South Korea.

AceBiome is a probiotic health functional food company, that has specialised in the microbiome field for more than 20 years. With headquarters in Seul, the company complements perfectly the B2B AB-BIOTICS model.

AceBiome will launch AB21® under AB-Immune brand, as an innovative, science-backed solution to reinforce immunity. This exciting news reached specialised media, including Nutraingredients Asia, that published recently the launch in an online post. 

We expect to have AB21® in many markets in Asia Pacific, to bring closer to consumers a solution that is natural, safe and effective for immunity. We are very excited for all the collaborations to come, and are happy to welcome AceBiome to our partners’ family” states Albert Royo, Business Development Manager of Asia-Pacific. 

If you are interested in selling AB21® in Asia-Pacific, contact royo@ab-biotics.com