Probiotic for babies 0+ months old

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Reduction in crying time after 1 week

Treatment responders after 1 week

Equally effective in bottle-fed babies

AB-KOLICARE latest clinical trial shows outstanding results for colic treatment:

AB-KOLICARE presents a well-described and unique mechanism of action:

High inhibitory activity against enteropathogens
Fast digestion of HMOs
Induction of anti-inflammatory molecules

Can be administered directly to the baby’s mouth

Can be mixed with warm milk

Shake before each use

Rubber dropper that can be sterilized

Oily suspension containing only natural ingredients

Refrigeration not needed


Strains naturally found in the gut of healthy babies. Suspension made of sunflower oil and Vitamin E

practical and easy to use

Only five drops a day, can be mixed with warm milk. Rubber dropper that can be sterilized

for all babies, 0+ months old

Treatment proven to be effective in bottle-fed babies and c-section born babies

clinically proven and safe

Three clinical trials in colicky babies. Safety approved by EFSA and FDA

Supplement that fits all diets: vegan certificate, plant-based origin.

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Babies tested

Widely studied in clinical trials, and in vivo, in vitro studies

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