AB-KOLICARE™ probiotic strains show remarkable properties for infant gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs)

22 March  2021 – 2 min read

Two new articles on AB-KOLICARE™ have been recently published, in an effort to document in detail the mechanism of action of the patented probiotic formula  – containing Bifidobacterium longum KABP042 and Pediococcus pentosaceus KABP041 – and charaterize in depth each of the product’s bacteria strains. These latest findings add to the growing bank of research demonstrating AB-Biotics’ probiotic strains as an effective and safe probiotic combination for gut health innovation in the infant nutrition space. 

Newly published data in Frontiers in Microbiology reveals the potential of the formula in infants with functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs), including a role in reducing colic and functional constipation severity.

FGIDs are brain-gut interaction disorders, comprising regurgitation, infant colic and functional constipation. At present, there are few effective ways to improve of FGIDs in infants, and there is limited and conflicting evidence demonstrating the mechanisms, safety and health benefits of probiotics in this field. The study in Frontiers in Microbiology was designed to investigate the potential of  AB-KOLICARE in pediatric FGID. The research revealed several key findings related to the strains’ mechanism of action and role in gut health:

  1. The strains efficiently adhere to human intestinal epithelium through multiple mechanisms
  2. The formula synergistically protects the intestinal barrier by regulating the expression of tight junction proteins, which are essential for the maintenance of barrier integrity
  3. Both strains demonstrate broad pathogen inhibition capacity via the production of organic acids and antimicrobials.


In a separate observational pilot trial, the formula’s safety, tolerability and efficacy in babies with infant colic and functional constipation was tested too. The study – which involved 36 infants in total – concluded that a daily dose of AB-Biotics’ probiotic strains for 14 days was safe and effective at reducing the severity of FGIDs, helping to decrease colic and constipation symptoms. Moreover, the efficacy of AB-Biotics’ probiotic strains was independent of feeding type (breastfed or formula), mode of birth delivery or use of other medications; unlike other probiotic solutions in the market which are only effective in breastfed infants.  

Another recently published independent article in Journal of Translational Medicine explored the role of  the Pediococcus pentosaceus KABP041 strain alone, exhibiting promising properties in intestinal inflammation in a mice. 

The research adds to an increasing bank of science exploring the safety and benefits of AB-Biotics’ probiotic strains in babies. This includes recently published clinical data in Frontiers in Pediatrics which concluded that the probiotic formula was an effective solution for the prevention and management of infant colic.

Electronic microscopy image of B. longum KABP042 strain
Electronic microscopy image of P. pentosaceus KABP041 strain

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