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AB-Biotics proves the efficiency of the use of pharmacogenetics as a treatment of depression
17 September 2019

AB-Biotics just published in the journal Pharmaceutics the results from a meta-analysis that prove the clinical utility of Neurofarmagen®, a pharmacogenetics tool, to select and guide the prescription of psychiatric drugs in adult patients with major depression, especially moderate-severe.

For the development of this study, three clinical studies that were carried out in hospitals in Spain and South Korea were selected (with data from a total of 450 patients). The combined analysis of the results shows that the use of Neurofarmagen®, compared to the usual clinical practice, is associated with an increased treatment efficacy. The probability of clinical response was 2 times higher in those patients whose treatment was established following the test’s recommendation.

It is estimated that more that 300 million people in the world suffer from depression, which equals 4.4% of the world population. Globally, depression is one of the major health problems, and it is associated with high cost to healthcare systems. Despite the fact that there are more and more treatments for this disease, the therapeutic success rate still remains low and the percentage of patients with resistant depression (more than two failed treatments with antidepressants) high. Because of this, precision medicine tools like Neurofarmagen® can help the doctor to select the treatment in a safe, quick and efficient manner.