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AB-Biotics presents biannual benefits for the first time
01 October 2019

AB-Biotics has published the biannual accounts for the fiscal year 2019 where it has presented a positive result of 772,000 euros, against a loss of 377,000 from the first semester of last year, which means that this is the first semester that ever presents profits in its history.

Furthermore, during the first semester, that finished the 30th of June, has increased its sales to 6,163 thousand euros, which implies a positive variation of 34% compared to the same previous fiscal period, as a consequence of the signature of new licenses, of the agreement with Kaneka and the penetration in the market that are acquiring the signed licenses some years ago. In addition, it has reached a positive Ebitda of 1,182 thousand euros (+264%).

AB-Biotics continues to increase the selling of products in the area of probiotics that continues being the engine of the company’s income representing 94.2% of the total net amount of revenue in the first semester of the fiscal year 2019. The Society has carried out an important task at the level of clinical studies with several of its probiotic products in different medical indications.

In the area of functional ingredients where all products are based on the technology of probiotic microorganisms, the company has been present in the most relevant commercial and scientific events of the sector worldwide (Vitafoods, and Probiota Americas), as with the area of genetics, being present at APA and the Nevada Congress.

During the first semester of the year, the company has continued to diversify both terms geographically and in terms of products and clients, reducing this way the potential geographical, marketing and pipeline risks. The exports have grown 57% compared to the previous period, representing national sales only 4% of the total net revenue. China has taken the lead in front of Russia, becoming the main probiotic market of AB-Biotics.

In July this year, Kaneka Europe Holding Company NV announced a Voluntary Takeover Bid about the totality of the shares of AB-Biotics, after which it reached the 66,33% of the company. A shareholders’ meeting is scheduled to be held on the 4th of October, to decide, amongst other matters, about the proposal of excluding from the negotiation about the totality of the Alternative Stock Exchange Market Company’s shares.