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AB-Biotics closes an agreement with INIA to develop probiotic strains
The CEOs of AB-Biotics, Miquel Àngel Bonachera and Sergi Audivert, have signed an agreement with the director of the National Institute of Agricultural and Food Technology...
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Patients with mental health problems treated with Neurofarmagen experience a reduction in adverse effects and respond to treatment quicker and more effectively
The Christmas holidays that have just passed were a cause for celebration for many people, but for many others it could have contributed to the worsening...
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The Company’s Board of Directors agreed to the delisting of all the shares from the Alternative Stock Market
On November 22nd, the Company’s Board of Directors agreed to the delisting of all the shares representing the capital stock of AB-BIOTICS, SA from the Alternative Stock Market, as well as the delegation of powers in favour of the Executive Directors to the aforementioned effects, so that they may act on behalf of and in representation of the Company to execute actions and sign documents, public...
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