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shapes immunity
throughout our lives

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Some probiotics help build
a strong immune response,
but none are yet directly
tested for COVID-19
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With probiotics,
does more
mean better?
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The adaptive immune
response is slower but
more effective to fight
back an infection
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Lipigo, finalist in Nutraingredients Awards Asia 2020- Weight Management.
We are happy to announce that our postbiotic LipiGo has been selected as a finalist in Nutraingredients Awards Asia 2020. LipiGo has a unique mechanism of...
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Floradapt Brain finalist in NutraIngredients Awards Europe 2020- Probiotic of the Year
Our new psychobiotic Floradapt Brain has been nominated as Probiotic of the Year, alongside two other products. We want to show our gratitude to Nutraingredients for...
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The Company’s Board of Directors agreed to the delisting of all the shares from the Alternative Stock Market
On November 22nd, the Company’s Board of Directors agreed to the delisting of all the shares representing the capital stock of AB-BIOTICS, SA from the Alternative Stock Market, as well as the delegation of powers in favour of the Executive Directors to the aforementioned effects, so that they may act on behalf of and in representation of the Company to execute actions and sign documents, public...
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About ab-biotics
Research with its own
collection of more than
1.000 probiotic strains
Development of
advanced genetic tools
for pharmacogenetics
Precision medicine