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The Company’s Board of Directors agreed to the delisting of all the shares from the Alternative Stock Market
On November 22nd, the Company’s Board of Directors agreed to the delisting of all the shares representing the capital stock of AB-BIOTICS, SA from the Alternative...
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Kaneka takes over 86.6% of AB-Biotics’ share capital
AB-Biotics has announced, as a relevant fact, that the offer to acquire shares of Kaneka, in the context of the delisting of the Spanish company, has...
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AB-Biotics & Kaneka Probiotics visited Probiota Asia in Singapore
This event took place in Singapore, on October between 22th and 24th.  This is a forum focused in prebiotic, probiotic and microbiota which scientists and delegates from food and pharma industries are the main visitors,  to uncover business opportunities, stimulate innovation and drive collaboration. AB-Biotics & Kaneka Probiotics had a leading role as Diamond Sponsors, promoting and sponsoring differents activities. Among the activities organized at Probiota...
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