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Neuropharmagen is a precision medicine
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AB-Biotics launches a psychobiotic that reduces stress and anxiety
AB-Biotics and Kaneka Probiotics were active participants at the Probiota Asia congress held in Singapore between October 22nd and 24th, organized by NutraIngredients-Asia. This annual event...
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AB-Biotics & Kaneka Probiotics visited Probiota Asia in Singapore
This event took place in Singapore, on October between 22th and 24th.  This is a forum focused in prebiotic, probiotic and microbiota which scientists and delegates...
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AB-Biotics presents biannual benefits for the first time
AB-Biotics has published the biannual accounts for the fiscal year 2019 where it has presented a positive result of 772,000 euros, against a loss of 377,000 from the first semester of last year, which means that this is the first semester that ever presents profits in its history. Furthermore, during the first semester, that finished the 30th of June, has increased its sales to 6,163 thousand...
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